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great flash

the animation was smooth and refreshing, very fluid motions. The fights were very fun to watch and I loved the protagonists personality.

The music fit well, it must have blended well but wasn't put up front because honestly I can't even remember the music that well :/

The only problem I have is the voice at the end, it was squeaky and not well recorded. If that was left out you would have got a ten. It's just he doesn't sound like a "bad-ass" he sounds like a little kid. It would have been better if it was a much lower pitch, natural voice.

Overall it was great, very enjoyable and I will be watching it again you can count on that. 9/10 and a 5/5


Watch, every American will love this and every non-american will hate it

True Americans vote all their 10s!! (and fives :D)

also... I had no isea ol' George was such a BAMF!

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WHY... did you not make this like, 2 years ago when I was in spanish class. This Game is SO ESEY (awesome o.o)

oh looky

the game is cutoff... -_- that means tutorial fails, I don't know how to play, and it's a huge eyesore, there might also be some important things there... but nope I don't get to see it, ... try again later

"Einstein is impossible to beat"

"Einstein is impossible to beat, a game against Einstein will lead to either lose or tie."

Not true, I just beat him. Actually I would consider the Einstein difficulty to be normal human being, it's hard to beat somebody who isn't an idiot or new. It took me about 6 ties to beat Einstein. Try and make it harder, and include larger ... map? (o.O) sizes

keyreal responds:

Whoops! Thanks and sorry everyone who beated Einstein and I accused you of lying, because Einstein actually had a weak point. I updated it now, try beating it now! hehe

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It's really more ambiance than anything else. Sounded good though, very dark. but a 4 cause some parts were really choppy and abrupt.

Indigoflare responds:

Thanks, I was going for the dark feel. The choppiness did really ruin it, I have to admit.


Reminds me of Cavestory :D

Calamaistr responds:

simplicity allows a kind of quality huh. :)

thanks for the comparisan.


This... Is... The... Shit!!!

Badass :D got a little carried away with the glitching though xD (but then again... badass XD)

OpenLight responds:

Haha this was my first song utilizing glitching, and I make it a point to get carried away with each new mechanic I work with. My next song will probably use it more in moderation ha.

Thank you!

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NICE those bulls will feel the burn after a while. xD

I have come far from my magix days *re-installs magix, spits on magix in disgust... then deletes it* now i will make music for you -_- and ._. it will be o.o AWESOME o0o

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